At Hasman, Safety is Paramount

Hasman maintains a laser-focused dedication

to providing our customers, partners, and

employees with the safest operating



Responsibility for HSE performance starts

with Hasman's CEO and follows with every

successive level. We strive for an incident-

free environment with a constant focus on

proactive measures and showing the highest

level of support for safety excellence. All

employees receive and are required to read

Hasman’s 50-page Safety Manual upon



Being the safest company in our industry will

help us compete successfully for future work,

save on insurance premiums and contribute to a

positive work experience.  We are committed to

pursuing a work environment free of incidents

and injuries. This requires the development of a

culture with a universal commitment to strive for the highest level of safety and performance.


When such a culture is present, people do not live and work safely out of motivation to be in compliance with standards. People choose the safe path because of a deep internal cultural value and their commitment to being safe.


With the goal of zero incidents in the workplace and becoming the recognized leader in Health, Safety and Environment, Hasman pledges to continually improve our standards. Our plan is to enhance safety performance and communications  wherever we are working.